We teach a style of yoga that is rooted in awareness, grace, and clarity. Our primary focus is on safety and creating space in the body to connect with the truth about who we are and were created to be. Our workshops are geared towards beginners because we believe in helping beginner yogis build a personalized practice. We teach you how to make each posture fit your body instead of making your body fit the posture.


Intro to BE One Yoga

In our Intro to Be One Yoga workshop, we teach the basics of yoga philosophy and our approach at Be One Yoga.  We connect the mind, body and spirit as one to the Source through prayer, meditate, scripture, and movement.  We introduce basic yoga postures, it's benefits, and modifications to fit your body and level of flexibility.  

Your Home, Your Practice 

In our Your Home, Your Practice workshop, we explore the basics of building a home yoga practice. You will learn why we think your home yoga practice is the most important, tips and tricks for building a home practice, and resources that will help you sustain a home yoga practice. And of course, no workshop of ours would be complete without you getting a chance to put into practice what you have learned. 

Your individual attention is important to us. All workshops are limited to 4 students. 

Workshops are 90 minutes.

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Email: or Call/Text: 757-598-4502

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