LAUNCH Session


Fun Fact #1: Yoga was originally taught one-to-one with one teacher and one student.

Fun Fact #2: Embrolic has a special gift for seeing below the surface, establishing strong, lasting relations, and teaching in a way that students understand.

Fun Fact #3: Group classes are often teacher-driven and student centered while tutoring is both student driven and student centered! That's right, you get to decide your intentions and goals while I guide you along the path. 

Let's Get Started--Book a Launch Session today! 

Our LAUNCH session is our first session together. In our LAUNCH session, you will

  • explore past/present experience with yoga
  • experience a well-rounded intake and assessment,
  • practice a personalized yoga sequence
  • receive an individualized plan of action and recommendations

LAUNCH sessions are 60 minutes.  

LAUNCH sessions are $60 for a private session and $90 for a semi-private session.  Limited to 1 launch session, for first private session only.

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