Soul Care vs. Self Care


The idea of self care has permeated our culture. Everywhere you turn, you are encouraged to take “me time” or to “treat yourself.” There is nothing inherently wrong with self care. We do need to care for ourselves. In order to love well, we have to be physically and emotionally capable of doing so.

We know that taking time to relax, recharge, and reset are not inherently wrong. But what happens when the usual tools of self care are not enough?

What happens after you spend time alone (or with friends)? After the vacation? The manicure/pedicure? After the shopping trip? The gym? The yoga class?

What happens when you practice self care but you still feel a hollow place of longing from deep within?

Let me introduce you to soul care.

But first, let’s explore some differences between self care and soul care.

Self Care vs. Soul Care

Focus: God, the Source

Purpose: Connect to the Source of all that is good & beautiful

Result: Intentional, multi-dimensional internal change

Focus: Me

Purpose: Disconnect to recharge, restore, reset

Result: Quick, temporary results; usually external

What is the soul? The soul is that place of deep longing. It is the life and light within you that needs to connect to the Source of all light and life. It is the part of you that knows that there is something more--that there are greater depths to explore and more meaning than what we see.

Why soul care? When you begin a practice of soul care, you are jumping into the deep and wide river of the Source’s love. You are choosing to continuously connect and reconnect to the Source. You realize that the focus is not yourself, but you will change. You are committing to slow down and pay attention to what is happening in your inner world.

A few soul care practices that we use at Be One Yoga are Meditation, Silence, Prayer, and Storying.

At Be One Yoga, we are committed to soul care for our students and ourselves. All of our sessions contain an element of soul care. If you would like to learn more, schedule a meditation session or sign up for our LAUNCH Session.