Private Sessions


Fun Fact #1: Yoga was originally taught one-to-one with one teacher and one student.

Fun Fact #2: Embrolic has a special gift for seeing below the surface, establishing strong, lasting relations, and teaching in a way that students understand.

Be One Yoga cultivates insight, connection, and harmony for individuals and married couples. We provide a safe and sacred space that allows our clients to both connect with the Creator and to integrate the mind, body, and soul.  In our private yoga haven, you will experience yoga that is completely personalized for your specific needs. Our style of teaching invites you to explore yoga process slowly and deeply.  You will be gently and expertly guided into slowing down, trusting the Spirit, gaining awareness of the often neglected body, and listening to the One who created it all. 

Private & Semi-private Session Pricing

Private (one person): $60 / 60 minutes

Private (one person): $35 / 30 minutes

Semi-Private (two people):  $90 / 60 minutes

Couples (partner yoga): $90 / 60 minutes

Meditation (one person): $30 / 35 minutes

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