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Meet Embrolic

"My yoga journey began over 10 years ago in a Gold's gym. In that class, for the first time, I was repeatedly guided to focus on my breath. Slowly and sporadically, I practiced yoga, but experienced overwhelmed and uneasiness with how to integrate my practice into my life. A few years later, I began teaching yoga and began to focus on connecting with my Creator and caring for my soul through my practice.  The tools of yoga along with prayer and other forms of soul care have been invaluable in my journey toward oneness."

Embrolic began teaching yoga in 2010 and has shared her love for yoga internationally. She is a certified (200 hr) yoga teacher, health and wellness educator, and has a teacher's heart. She combines her Master's degree in Education, over 15 years experience of teaching students of all ages, and hundreds of hours of yoga instructor training to create a profound yoga tutoring experience for her students.  Along with her initial 225 hour training(R-HYI), she has additional training in trauma sensitive yoga, kids yoga, chair yoga, prenatal yoga, and yogalates.  Embrolic is also a certified IIN Health Coach.  


“I began practicing yoga for the physical benefits of increasing my flexibility and recovering from weight lifting.  As my practice grew, I saw more connections between the spiritual aspects of mindful breathing, movement, and meditation.  I began practicing before reading my bible and set my intentions for each practice on a bible verse.  It amazed me how much clearer my studies became and how my relationship with God deepened.  Connecting the life breath God blessed us with to movement and meditation, brings our whole being, heart, soul, mind, and body, together as one with God and improves all other aspects of our lives.”

Gevell is a father, husband, and disciple of Jesus.  He has a background in computer engineering and prefers to work in the background on the technical and operations side of the business.  Gevell received his 200 hr YTT certification in January of 2017.  He has been strength training since he was a teenager, so he tends to focus on recovery and restorative forms of yoga.  He believes in making yoga accessible to all.