What is MEditation?

Meditation is a spiritual discipline.  It is a time of active surrender into stillness and the presence of the Eternal God. It is a time to create space to meet the Eternal, and dwell in who we were created to be. It is a pondering of and setting our attention on the Eternal God's love letter and what he is saying through it. 

As a spiritual discipline, meditation requires continual practice to see change.  The changes begin from the inside out.  Over time, it helps us to remember our connection to God even in our most chaotic, crazy spaces.

“Meditation resets our awareness of the WITH GOD life.  It helps us rediscover the joy that God has chosen to settle in with us, to set up a home in us…”  (-Jill Fisk)

Meditation is necessary so that we may learn to be ONE with the Eternal. 

How do I Start?

  • Show up!  Simply show up with the intention of meeting God face to face.
  • Get still & quiet.
  • Ask the God to reveal himself to you through His word.
  • Leave time to Listen!
  • Book one of our private meditation sessions below or listen to one of our Be One Meditations. 

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