Welcome to Be One Yoga


Be One Yoga is heart, mind, soul, strength...together as one!

Be One Yoga is a Christ-centered yoga haven located in the Ocean Storage and Business Center just off J. Clyde Morris Blvd in Yorktown, VA. We offer insight and instruction in the essential elements of yoga: breath work (pranayama), physical postures (asana), and Bible based meditation. All of our sessions are either offered privately or in semi-private small groups in order to create an environment for individualized healing and connection.  We utilize therapeutic and restorative techniques to teach you how to make each posture fit your body, instead of making your body fit the posture.  All practices focus on tuning the soul to God, so that the heart, mind,  body & soul integrate as ONE.

Our space is a simple, private yoga haven. Upon entering, you will notice that we focus only on yoga and soul care. Our yoga haven is set aside as an intimate oasis for healing & connection.


Call/Text: 757-598-4502

E-mail : thebeonelife@gmail.com

Location: 105 Professional Pkwy.

                Suite 1524

               Yorktown, VA 23693


Imagine your favorite yoga video, class or picture. What does it feel like when you are in the middle of a practice or learning something new and you hit a snag? You have a question, but there is no one around to ask. What do you do?

Perhaps, instead, you have a chronic illness or long term injury. Maybe your joints ache, you suffer from low energy or are struggling with anxiety or depression. You’ve heard over and over again how helpful yoga could be for your condition. Your doctor may have even mentioned that it is something you should try, but they couldn’t point you in the right direction.

Still you may be new to yoga. Just the idea of learning the postures, sitting still to breathe or exploring meditation--especially in a group of strangers (gasp!) bring you untold amounts of anxiety.

No matter your physical condition, maybe you feel cut off from that special part of yourself; the part that feels alive and connected to the Source of all that is good and beautiful. It is the part of you that breathes easily and feels comfortable in her own skin. You long to feel connected-- mind, body, & soul.

At Be One Yoga, we offer therapeutic, private yoga as a tool for physical and emotional healing. We provide a safe and sacred space that allows our clients to both connect with the Creator and to integrate the mind, body, and soul. In our private yoga haven, you will experience yoga that is completely personalized for your specific needs.

If you are ready to experience yoga for the first time, in a new way or as a tool for healing, schedule your private session now!