Be One Yoga 101

Yoga for True Beginners (4 Week course)

Are you a true yoga beginner? Does the thought of going to a class where instructors assume you know what you are doing frightening? Would you like to learn the very basics of practicing yoga? Perhaps you are not even quite sure about what yoga is, but have heard it has amazing benefits. Our Be One Yoga 101 private program was created with you in mind.

Our Be One Yoga 101 starts at the beginning. It includes four 1 hour weekly private yoga sessions. With session 1 we start with the very basic building blocks for a beginner yoga practice. Each week, we will build upon your knowledge bringing you towards a simple, sustainable, yoga practice that connects you with the Creator.

During our time together you will learn basic yoga history and philosophy, benefits of yoga, types of yoga, and much more. Best of all, in each session, you will be practicing yoga and experiencing its amazing benefits first hand.

When you complete Be One Yoga 101, you will be have a solid yoga foundation for beginners. You will be able to:

  • use the breath to relieve anxiety and connect with the Eternal

  • meditate on God’s word

  • practice yoga postures seen in most classes with ease

  • understand how to make a posture fit your body

  • know which type of yoga is best for you

  • use your new foundation to join a studio class or begin a home practice

  • feel calmer, more connected and at ease

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Be One Yoga 102

Build your Home Practice (4 Week Course)

For our true beginner graduates, we offer a 4 week course that teaches you everything you need to build a strong yoga home practice. Practicing yoga at home can be difficult, confusing, and intimidating. It doesn't have to be. Let us help you build your home practice.

This course includes 4  weekly one hour sessions that cover everything from the purpose of a home practice to finding resources. At the end of our time together you will:

  • identify your goals for your home practice
  • have a plan of action for your home practice
  • identify and curate the tools you need
  • create a home practice schedule that works for you
  • learn where/when/how to use outside resources
  • integrate soul care and connection with the Creator into your home practice